Worker’s Compensation and the Rise of the Computers

San Diego:  I remember when apple computer’s were first introduced into my 4th grade classroom in Astoria, Oregon. The huge monstrosity sat in the back of the classroom and only the “brightest” students were allowed access to its floppy disks and mind numbing text.  In the interest of self disclosure, I was not one the brightest students and figured they were just playing hangman or some other nonsense.  Then computers seemed as interesting as a calculator.

Fast-forward to 2016, I find myself in a new brave world where more and more of our lives are spent using computers online and our intimate personal information has now become subject to data collectors and hackers. One example of the this new world is a recent lawsuit filed by Adelea Gonzalez in Federal Court alleging unlawful hacking by a number of Worker’s Compensation insurers into injured worker’s private files. An article regarding this case can be found here.

Computers have certainly become much more interesting.

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