San Diego:   According to a recent article from ABC news,  United States employees work more than any other country. Furthermore, the article states that “Americans take less vacation, work longer days, and retire later, too.

American Workers are not Lazy

Unfortunately, there still exists in our society a belief that American workers are lazy and demanding. Of course the people that help perpetuate such a belief rarely cite themselves as the lazy workers. The truth is that most Americans are hard workers who show up every day and perform jobs that sometimes pay very little and offer little or no job security. These workers are are family members and friends, we are all part of the working class and we should acknowledge their sacrifice and contribution to the greater good.

What to do if your Hurt on the Job.

Work like any other physical activity can result in serious bodily injury. Throughout  history this has always been the case.  As a country and a united people we have recognized the contribution of our fellow workers and acknowledged the physical risks that may occur in the workplace. Worker’s Compensation is here to help protect us all.

What then should you do if your injured in the California workplace?

  1. Tell your employer immediately.  Do not wait to see if your condition resolves itself. Often if you wait the insurance company might claim that you injured your self at home or outside the workplace. If you have notified your employer and your condition resolves then you have a win-win.  However, if you don’t tell your employer about the injury and then a week later your condition worsens or does not resolve you may be in a bad spot.
  2. Fill out the DWC-1 form when you notify your employer and make sure they return it to you with worker’s compensation insurance information.
  1. Contact a worker’s compensation attorney immediately.  A great worker’s compensation attorney will be able to help you find the best medical treatment and advise you of your rights. The worker’s compensation adjusters represent the insurance company, not you!
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