Do you have a California Worker’s Compensation Psychological or Psychiatric Injury?

An injury to one’s psyche can be devastating.  It is difficult for many people to admit that a serious of traumatic events or inappropriate behavior by an employer can have the power to damage the very essence of who they are. However, psychological abuse is real and its effects are powerful.

Your Not Alone

This world we live in today is not the world our ancestors evolved and thrived in for over a 100,000 years.  The modern world and its workplaces can be in some circumstances a very hostile place for an employee who is just trying to provide for their family. Because of their economic situation many employees remain in a job even though they may be the victim of illegal and inappropriate behavior by their employer or other employees.

Physical Injuries can Flow From a Psyche Injury

A psyche injury can result in hypertension and anxiety which  can lead to a physical injury such as heart attack.  Also, a psyche injury can flow from an on the job physical injury which for example results in depression. The Worker’s Compensation law regarding the type of psyche cases and the accompanying legal requirements are very compl

In California, proving a a work related psychiatric injury can be very difficult and if you believe you may have a claim you should contact a California worker’s compensation attorney who is experienced in handling psyche claims, immediately.

Examples of Psych Injuries

Below are just some of the psych injuries that can be the result of a work injury.

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fear/phobia


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