Denied Claims

Denied Worker’s Compensation Cases


The California Worker’s compensation process can be a complicated and lonely journey.

Tragically, many Worker’s Compensation cases are denied by the insurance companies for frivolous or arbitrary reasons.  For many worker’s the denial of a injury claim can result in the loss medical treatment and income. A denial can effectively cut of medical treatment for an injured worker when it is needed most.


Reasons a California Worker’s Compensation Case Could be denied.

  • The  Worker’s compensation insurance company may argue that an injury did not Arise Out of Employment (AOE) or that it did not occur during the Course Of Employment (COE). For example, the Insurance company might believe the individual hurt themselves at home not at work.
  • California Worker’s Compensation claims are often denied if they are made when an former employee files a case after they have been terminated by the employer or forced to quit.
  • The work injury was not immediately reported to the employer.
  • There were no witnesses to the injury.
  • The medical records after the accident are not accurate.

Speak with a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

The insurance companies know what they are doing, they have experienced professionals who know how to guide a case so that it best benefits their shareholders. A California Worker’s compensation attorney can help you fight the denial of your claim and advise you regarding the best way to obtain treatment for your injury. Get legal help today!


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