San Diego:   Worker’s Compensation attorney Brent Pfeiffer represents clients who have been injured on the job and whose claims for injuries have been denied. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to have a California Worker’s compensation claim denied by the employers insurance company.

Two Sides

There are always two sides to a story. The insurance companies might argue that they have no choice to deny when there is even a slight chance the injury was not the result of an on the job incident. The injured worker might feel as though their case is being wrongly denied by the insurance company just to increase their shareholder’s profits and they could care less if the worker was actually injured on the job and receives medical care.

Irrespective of the Worker’s Compensation Insurance companies motivations the fact remains that the denial of an injured worker’s claim can be physically and financially devastating to the worker. A denial of a worker’s compensation injury can result in a worker being unable to obtain proper medical care and financial assistance if they are not able to work.

There is Hope

However, just because a California Worker’s Compensation case has been denied does not mean there is no hope. With a great Worker’s Compensation attorney on your side you can fight back and try and have a Worker’s Compensation Judge find that your case should be accepted or convince the insurance company that they should accept your case. Fighting a denial can be a lengthy and complicated process, the insurance companies and their attorneys know the law and the best tactics to stop your case from being accepted.

The good news is that a San Diego Worker’s Compensation attorney will represent you on a contingency basis and will only get paid if you win. Furthermore, most San Diego Worker’s comp attorney’s will provide you with a free initial consult regarding the denial of your worker’s compensation claim.

If your case has been denied there is hope, but it is up to you to take the first step.





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