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You Have Been Hurt While Working

Many injured workers in California believe they just need to file a personal injury claim with the Superior Court. In some work related injury cases there may a personal injury claim against a third party. However, if you are injured on the job in the state of California and you are not part of a union with a worker’s compensation ADR carve out program, then you will need to file a Worker’s Compensation case with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board. Confused? You are not alone.

The Bad News

Navigating the in’s and out’s, of the California’s Worker Compensation system can be challenging, even for a professional who deals with your issues day in and day out. Unfortunately, you can not count on your employer after you have filed worker’s compensation claim with their insurance company . You are not automatically assigned a workers compensation representative to fight for you. The insurance company may even deny your medical treatment requests and also may deny your entire case.

Your employers insurance company is usually a corporation whose primary purpose is to create profits for its shareholders.  The insurance companies employ highly trained adjusters, who know how the system works and what needs to be done in order to maximize profits. They may be good people, but that is their job.  Sadly this can result in an adjuster limiting the medical care you receive and sometimes even wrongly denying your case. Do you know how to fight to get your medical treatment or what to do if your case is denied?

The insurance companies have attorneys who will represent them against you in Court. Law firms that are experienced in workers compensation law and whose purpose is to limit liability to their client the insurance company. Who do you have?

The Good News

The good news is that the California Worker’s Compensation system allows you to hire your own attorney on a contingency basis. That means you can obtain an attorney who will only get paid if you win. Furthermore, the payment will come out of the insurance company payout to you. Having an attorney who understands how the system works and who is truly interested in obtaining the best medical care available for you and that your fully compensated for your injury can be invaluable.

We know what side we are on. We represent injured workers and are job is to protect you!

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First Steps

  1. Report your Injury to your employer! Your employer should give you a form to fill out called a Worker’s Compensation Claim Form or DWC-1. Your employer should fill out the bottom half of the claim form .  Some of that information will include the your employers worker’s compensation insurance contact information.
  2. Get the best medical treatment possible.  Now that you have your worker’s compensation carrier information you can move forward and try and get treated for your work injury.  Generally the Worker’s Compensation insurance company will have a Medical Provider Network (MPN) and you will be required to picking a treating Physician off that network. Do you have any idea what doctor is best for you and your condition? Do you trust your insurance adjuster to pick the best doctor for you?
  3. Contact a worker’s compensation attorney.  A worker’s compensation attorney will generally meet with you for a free consultation and if you hire them, they will not get paid unless you win.  Our Office offers free consultations and we understand what is on the line. Call or email us today.


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